Reasons why I’m fat…fuck

For the last hour I’ve been talking myself out of going for a 1mile run. If only I had this many excuses when I ran highschool cross county…oh wait, I did.

  1. I think I saw raindrops
  2. I washed my hair last night
  3. I think I’ll just eat a salad for dinner
  4. I can’t because then I’ll have to do my hair again-it’s on point right now
  5. my butt does look cute in my running shorts
  6. Is that CELLULITE?! I can’t go
  7. It’s too hot out
  8. It will definitely rain on me
  9. I don’t want to take my makeup off
  10. I really should go get a mani/pedi instead
  11. Or maybe go shopping!
  12. I know, I’ll get new work out clothes-not really, I need heels.
  13. I do look cute in this outfit though
  14. ok maybe I’ll pick up a cute guy on the way
  15. As he sees my dying while running…maybe he’ll save me ✌️
  16. Is it appropriate to smoke a cigarette while running?
  17. Got it- I’ll stop at the liquor store on the way back
  18. “Hey guys- I’m running to the liquor store”😎

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