Housewife Goals

Tell me one girl who doesn’t want to be a housewife. And by housewife I don’t mean one that cleans, we have maids for that.

What I mean is- someone else cleaning up my 15,000 square foot mansion on the water with a view of Manhattan, a staff to do my hair and makeup daily, Idc if I’m just watching Netflix…we might “chill” and I want to look good. I also need a weekly mani/pedi so if someone could do that- great.

I don’t want to work out because I already look too good. I just want to eat all day everyday. Just feed a BETCH- I’m fucking hungry.

I also would like to sleep with the pool boy while my husband is out making millions- I think that could give me some amusement in my life…or I could just stay drunk.

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