Day 10- Currently

As Kylie Jenner drives her brand new $320,000 Ferrari to the airport to hop on her private jet to vacay probably on her private island, I drive my 2011 Infiniti G25x to work and I struggle as I look at the price of round trip ticket to Italy, because currently I don’t have someone to buy it for me. She just turned 18 and that Ferrari was a gift from her 25 year old rapper boyfriend Tyga. I think she is living my life.

My birthday is in a few weeks, I currently debate only getting back together with my boyfriend so I can get a gift and have some really great birthday sex. If you don’t have sex on your birthday, you’re ugly.

I also currently debate signing up for, I don’t see the harm in getting paid the big bucks to have sex regularly. I don’t see the harm in getting $320,000 Ferrari’s and flying private as we island hop all over the world. That actually sounds like something anyone would be into. I wonder what profile picture I should post.

Cheers to the good life *

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