Day 9- Getting Through Life one Adderall at a Time

For anyone who has taken Adderall, prescribed or not… you know it takes a good 30 minutes for that shit to kick in. So I decide today to tell you how many thoughts go through my head in those 30 minutes. Its insane, comical.

On my drive to work this happens… everyday.

  1. Can I go back to bed
  2. fuck, I forgot my coffee
  3. I don’t want to stop anywhere to get it
  4. Can I stop at the mall on the way? I need mascara
  5. shit the mall is closed, its 8am
  6. Maybe I’ll take a lunch break and go
  7. What am I going to eat for breakfast?
  8. Oh right, I won’t be hungry in a few minutes…Adderall
  9. I forgot to shave my legs
  10. Good thing I’m not getting laid today
  11. Ugh, I NEED a wax today
  12. Good thing I’m not getting laid today
  13. Who can I get to buy me lunch today?
  14. I need gas, shit. I hope I don’t run out
  15. What would I do if I run out of gas? What does one do??
  16. There’s a lot of ugly people passing me.
  17. Glad I’m not one of them, or am I?
  18. doubtful
  19. I really should go get a coffee
  20. I wonder what guys will text me today.
  21. And now it’s time for work…. can I go home now?

I love Adderall…without it I don’t know where i’d be. Probably a fat annoying girl. Fat=happy…I can eat what I want and still be skinny…thank you Adderall.

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