Day 4- Game Changer

I sit here on this Thursday morning drinking a homemade cappuccino in my backyard that overlooks the river. I get dressed for work in my designer clothes and decide to switch handbags because today I don’t feel like using Prada, I feel like using my Louis Vuitton. I put on my everyday jewelry, a basic white girl Michael Kors watch and David Yurman earrings and after this post I will proceed to get into my Infiniti (I miss my BMW daily)

  • All of these things were gifts, from men, men that I had no intention of ever dating or ever falling in love with. For some reason my life has always brought those type of men my way. I ask for a Louie bag, I get that and $700 David Yurman earrings the next day.  (this is all a story for another day, because there is more than one and it will take time and I should get to work now)

I’ve always gotten my way, and I’ve always gotten what I wanted… it all seems perfect. Until it’s not.

– a feeling of sadness overcomes me and my eyes begin to cry and now my Chanel mascara is running down my perfectly done makeup. Great. I really don’t have the time to re-do it. But I really don’t have the time to let a guy make me feel this way. A guy should ruin your lipstick, not your mascara.

All this sappy shit is really bringing me down, I hate being this girl. Plus I really need to get laid and the new Céline bag would look good on me.

It’s time to man up and get back in the game. Tears don’t look good on anyone.

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